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19 August 2022

Baca Juga

Limatiga Studio is a local business enterprise that provides photography sevices to meet the various visual needs of photos both personally, agency and business entity you have. 

We present with the priority of quality that is able to adjust the current trends and needs. We can be your professional partner to meet your personal and commercial needs.

Starting from wedding photography, product, family portrait, company profile, food & beverage, event, model, annual book photo and so forth. We are ready to be a solution for you in choosing the need for photography services by fostering and promoting good relationships based on trust and professionalism.. 

We are currently opening vacancies for MARKETING positions

Kualifikasi :
  1. Laki-laki/perempuan
  2. Usia maksimal 35 tahun
  3. Kreatif dan inovatif serta berintegritas
  4. Pendidikan minimal D3/S1 pemasaran
  5. Mampu bernegosiasi dengan baik
  6. Berorientasi pada target
  7. Berpengalaman dibidangnya
  8. Memiliki relasi yang luas

Jl. Ridwan Rais No.53, Beji Tim., Kecamatan Beji, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16422

  • karir.limatigastudio@gmail.com
  • Subject : Marketing_Nama
  • Deadline : 30 Agustus 2022
  • Penempatan : Depok
  • Jenis Pekerjaan : FULL TIME
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